Why Attend?

Our Engineering Futures event series will give you all you need to be build the future into your business plan.

  • Be inspired by the latest big  thinking from industry experts
  • Hear new ideas to help prepare your business to take advantage of changes in technology
  • More than 15 different sessions to choose from across each event week. plan your time around the sessions most relevant to your challenges 
  • Live Q&A to get your most challenging questions answered

Why attend Advanced Manufacturing?

Futureproof your facilities. Manufacturing is changing, and technologies that were once desirable are quickly becoming necessary additions for any forward-thinking company. Get the latest expertise on topics including low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing, generative design, advanced materials and systems integration.


Why attend Sustainability in Engineering?

The world is changing, and the role of the engineer has never been so important. As companies push for ‘net zero’, make sure your business does not get left behind by joining these sessions on the most promising low-carbon technologies, including alternative fuels, sustainable manufacturing and nuclear energy.


Why attend The Technology Shaping the Future of Engineering?

Get a glimpse of the future. Excited by cutting-edge engineering like soft robots, 4D printing and augmented reality, but unsure how best to adopt them? If so, these sessions are for you